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President / CEO

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President / CEO (Tony Key) started in the Insulation business straight out of High School in 1983. He served his 4 year apprenticeship with the International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers Local Union #92. Due to his sincere love for the people and his desire to develop better craftsmen in the insulation trade, Mr. Key took over as the Joint Apprenticeship Training Instructor for Local #92, where he continually served in that position for 7 years. Mr. Key also wrote a training manual for insulators that is still widely used throughout the trade until this day.

In 1990 Mr. Key started traveling around the country working on various Nuclear Plant Outages where he was able to acquire insulation abilities that were not offered to him from his previous insulation employers.

In 1994 Mr. Key returned from traveling the country to his home territory and began working as an Insulation Foreman for I.C.M.S, Inc. and Bechtel at the Savannah River Site. He worked there until 1997 when he was finally able to achieve his life-long dream of starting his own Insulation Contracting Business.

1997: Insulation Systems of Augusta, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Wade Anthony (“Tony”) Key and served the Southeastern South Carolina & Georgia area. The company provided installations of all types of Heavy Commercial & Industrial Insulation Projects. Over the next twenty one years the company developed lasting relationships with various Mechanical Contractors and Industrial Plants and has grown and developed into the full service industrial & commercial insulation company that it is today.

During those twenty plus years Insulation Systems of Augusta, Inc. has always put the customer’s needs first and has strived to only offer the most cost efficient and highest quality product available in the market today, that we are proud to put our name on it.


Ever since our inception in 1997, Insulation Systems of Augusta, Inc. has established its reputation by safely providing very high quality insulation applications & services for Mechanical, Plumbing and Industrial Insulation Projects.

Our clients include a large variety of Industrial & Commercial Insulation Applications for Chemical Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Textile Facilities, General Industrial Manufacturing Facilities, Bakeries, Hospitals, Schools, and Federal Buildings. Insulation Systems guarantees to meet your requirements whether they are for new construction project, plant renovation or general plant maintenance.

 We have built our company primarily on industrial and heavy commercial construction. We have an in house removable insulation pad fabrication shop that has the ability to design and fabricate any type of removable insulation pad that your facility may require. We also offer a wide variety of insulation applications for anything from heavy commercial HVAC & Plumbing systems to heavy industrial High Temperature & Cryogenic applications. We also specialize in the application of external insulation aluminum & stainless steel jacketing systems.

We are a single source that provides a wide range of Industrial Insulation & Commercial Insulation Services for all types of Industries, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors and General Contractors throughout the Southeast.

 Insulation Systems is also the only Insulation Contractor in the Central Savannah River Area that is trained and licensed to install the PTM Manufacturing, LLC (20 Year Warranty) “Tech-Duc ® Insulation System”

A major advantage of employing the services of our company is that we have the ability to install any type of insulation project. Our projects consistently demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, safety and attention to details. Our hands on experience in all phases of insulation construction assure that you will get quality performance in a timely and cost effective manner.

Please continue your visit through our website and Projects Gallery to learn more about us and the various insulation products & services that we offer.

Premier Mechanical Insulation Contractor.

Insulation Systems of Augusta, Inc

Insulation Systems of Augusta, Inc. is a family run business founded in 1997 that offers
quality mechanical insulation contractor services.

Tony Key, President/CEO and Managers have over 75 years of combined experience in this industry.
We provide quality work in the commercial and industrial industry with projects of all sizes.
We use superior quality products and have highly skilled technicians who are very aware of safety.

Insulations Systems of Augusta, Inc. has built a reputation of providing
excellent services that are on time, within budget, and accident free.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one goal.

We proudly serve Georgia and South Carolina.

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